Vintage Vehicle and 1940’s Extravaganza- One To Remember

On the 30th of June 2024, Love Northallerton hosted its Vintage Vehicle and 1940s Extravaganza, marking the largest event in Northallerton BID’s history. The event showcased over 70 vintage vehicles and 15 Army replica vehicles along High Street and Zetland Street. Additionally, there was live music, dancers, free children’s games, golf, and face painting available throughout the day.

The extravaganza was a tremendous success, drawing thousands from various regions to Northallerton. The High Street buzzed with activity all day, and the businesses that were open experienced a bustling and profitable day. Public feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many inquiries about the date for next year’s event.

Stay tuned for the announcement of our large-scale events in 2025, which will be published early in 2025 on our website and social media platforms. The next and final major event for 2024 is scheduled for August 4th on Northallerton High Street, from 11 AM to 4 PM, featuring a spectacular Street Circus. 🎪

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