Safer Business Action Day-Multi agency partnership approach keeping Northallerton safe

Northallerton BID, in partnership with North Yorkshire Police and Safer Hambleton, launched a safer business action day on the 21st of March. All BID businesses were invited and had the opportunity to discuss any concerns they may have. Northallerton BID is committed to ensuring that Northallerton is a safe place to do business. As such, we invest a large amount of resources to help Northallerton remain safe.

Northallerton High Street is one of the safest areas to do business within the Hambleton area and North Yorkshire. Additionally, Northallerton BID runs a shopwatch and pubwatch scheme which has an integrated APEX radio system, making for efficient communication between all relevant parties. Moreover, Northallerton has a large CCTV infrastructure which is linked with the Police and this plays a vital role in public confidence and safety.

If any business has any concerns regarding the safety of Northallerton, please get in touch via Northallerton BID will do everything in its power to assist with your inquiry. Likewise, if any BID business would like to join the shopwatch or pubwatch scheme, please get in touch to find out more information.


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