Parking Update Extra Time Free

The BID has kept up pressure for extended free parking on the High Street in its latest talks with North Yorkshire County Council. 

NYCC has extended one-hour free until March 31 in recognition of the extra difficulties faced by shoppers during the pandemic, but our campaign for long-term solutions continues.

BID Director Guy Barker, Director of Barkers Northallerton, spoke on behalf of businesses at this week’s NYCC Executive meeting when he appealed for “intelligent leadership” to address the fundamental parking problems in Northallerton.

“Now more than ever, when many businesses are facing an uncertain future, we need support and intelligent leadership to make it as easy as possible to park in Northallerton and enjoy everything our town has to offer,” said Mr Barker.

“Thirty minutes is simply not long enough. Survey after survey tells us that shoppers feel rushed and would prefer to take their custom to neighbouring towns where there is more generous free parking.”

From 100 shoppers polled by the BID recently, an overwhelming majority of 95 per cent told us that extra free parking encourages them to spend more time in local shops and businesses.

Furthermore, 84 per cent strongly favoured two hours and told us free parking provision has a strong influence on where they shop.

The BID challenges NYCC’s contentious claim that “cars clutter the High Street” and is planning further talks to address an issue our businesses feel passionately about.


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